Classes at P.S./I.S. 171 include:

  • Jr. GOAL Chorus with Mr. Durant allows students across grades 3-5 to interact with one another on a musical field that not only incorporates singing but also videos and some instruments. It's a great chance for students that feel passionately about singing to exhibit their skills in a safe environment of support.  The group sing a wide range of songs and participate in 1-2 concerts with the GOAL Chorus throughout the year.
  • Movin’ with the Littles and Teaming Up with the Middles with Ms. Ramos: Students build up one another by participating in team building activities and sports. Some of the sports and activities that kids partake in are kickball, wiffle ball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, steal the bacon, numbers, and plenty of icebreakers that require sportsmanship and respect for one another. Kids have a ton of fun and learn new things about themselves as they grow.
  • Cooking Around the World with Ms. Marcoccia: In this class students explore different countries from around the world. They are exposed to new places, new flavors, and new foods. Whether a kid is a beginner at cooking or cooks all the time, students work together to make delicious food that they can replicate at home.
  • Art Portfolio Tips with Ms. Mosley: Students get to create an art portfolio with original works using a variety of styles and techniques.  In this class students learn tips for putting together a great portfolio, while developing their artistic skills and techniques (drawing, painting, mixed media). While building great portfolio will help kids who are interested in the admissions process to art high school (along with their grades and other factors), this class is perfect for anyone who loves art! 
  • Making Healthy Cooking Fun with Ms. Marcoccia: In this class students take classic dishes that they've eaten before and make them even better by using healthier ingredients. Kids learn that healthy doesn't have to mean boring and healthy can taste good - and have a great time working together and making delicious food.
  • Book Club and Movies! With Ms. Ramos: In this class, students choose books that they really want to read togethe - they discuss the book, do arts and crafts and other activities, including acting out favorite scenes from the story and even make their own movie version. After reading a book, students join in the “GOAL Movie Theater”, to enjoy some popcorn, and watch the movie version of their favorite books.
  • GOAL Chorus with Mr. Durant: This is the premier group of singers in our school from grades 6-8.  While many of the students are focused on the performing arts as a possible high school focus, there are plenty of students who are in GOAL Chorus for the pure love of singing. We sing in three parts and have participated in annual events at El Museo del Barrio and New York University.  Last year the Chorus was the highlighted entertainment at City Winery as well as the Apollo Theatre in June.  They are annually adjudicated at NYU's NYSSMA Majors Festival and continue to improve and perform at top quality.
  • Artists in the Making with Ms. Nancy & Ms. Smitha: This course includes rough experimentation with various materials and methods, as students develop their art-making skills and explore personal areas of creative interest. A variety of materials and techniques are explored, including sketching, watercolor, mixed media and clay. For design, students learn bookmaking and create a fashion design piece. Guests and museum visits are a part of this course.
  • Let's Paint! With Ms. Mosley: Art is everywhere - in the Manhattan skyline, the clothes we wear, the stuff we buy. It is an important part of all of our lives and everyone should understand the basics of art. In this class students learn how they can create a world of possibility with only three primary colors - yellow, red, and blue. Kids listen to music and learn to express themselves through artistic techniques in painting including color, tone, texture usage, composition, brushwork, and more. Learning the basics of art helps students become the architect, fashion designer, graphic designer, and artist they always wanted to be.
  • Move your Mind, Body and Soul! with Ms. Samuel: This class is full of fun, challenges, games, playing and teamwork. Students have a chance to challenge each other in friendly games of UNO, Trouble, Jenga, DodgeBall, Scrabble, Connect 4 and more! They learn the rules of classic board games, card games, mind games and sports games. Kids even have a chance to use their imagination and creativity to create and play their own games.  This class also incorporates yoga and meditation, to help students move their minds, bodies, and souls.
  • Marketing & Make-up with Ms. Marcoccia: In this class students create their own make-up brand from the ground up: Name, Logo, Design, Products and more.  Kids learn the basics of building a brand, marketing it and creating the products. Mixing business, science, and fun, students in the class are on their way to being a future make-up mogul.

Classes at P.S./M.S. 108 include: 

  • Visual Arts with Ms. Patterson: Visual Arts is a chance for students to explore different genres, styles, and periods of art. It is a place where they learn different techniques and use various mediums to create original works of art. Students are encouraged to express themselves and to be confident in their artistic abilities.
  • Cooking with Ms. Ilutizia: This cooking class gives the students an opportunity to explore new foods, and places an emphasis on healthier food options. We incorporate mathematics when looking at proportions and measurements. Students also use science to better understand the art of cooking through solids, liquids, and gas.
  • Lego Architects with Mr. AcostaOur future architects create and build different items using Legos as a medium to get students to be create their own blue prints, and make their own masterpieces. Student will work together on different projects that infuse science and technology such as Stop Animation.
  • Technological Design with Ms. Giannini: This class allows students to explore their creative side through videos and computers.  Students make videos, custom music videos, use green screens, interview different people, and film and edit projects on the computer to make their own presentations -  from Power Point to iMovie, and beyond. Class trips include visits to the Sony Wonder Lab Technology Museum, as well as Central Park for inspiration.
  • Photography with Mr. KamThe photography crew learns to operate a dSLR camera and practices framing and composition while also mastering preset functions.  The goal for students is to capture life’s moments and to tell a story through photography.
  • Fitness with Ms. Giannini: The Fitness class focuses on health and well-being.  Students come up with goals and work to achieve them as the year goes on while they learn about and practice various sports, as well as complete a warm up run each week.  Activities include soccer, basketball, badminton, yoga, step class, and more.

GOAL Prep:

Before or after attending enrichment classes, students attend GOAL Prep every day - this is a structured homework and class work assistance program supervised by GOAL staff, teachers and aides.  The students have structured study time where they work on homework, projects, and supplemental GOAL work. 

GOAL Prep also incorporates the input of classroom teachers as to the specific needs of each student. As a result, the individual academic needs and assignments of each GOAL Prep student are specifically addressed during GOAL Prep by the supervising teachers, aides and staff.

Healthy Lifestyles:

Our healthy lifestyles curriculum features healthy cooking classes, nutrition education, as well as exercise activities such as team sports, races, Yoga and Zumba.  In addition, students research childhood obesity and the importance of nutrition and exercise.

GOAL has been fortunate to have Katzie Guy-Hamilton, the Food and Beverage Director at Equinox, volunteer with our students. Katzie volunteers many times throughout the year and works with GOAL students in the kitchen at P.S./I.S. 171 to explore healthy, new and exciting foods.