2016-2017 Classes at P.S./I.S. 171 include:

·      Cooking, Countries and Cultures - Students expand their food knowledge and experience new flavors while studying different countries and cultures and research recipes. Together the class makes a signature dish from each region of study and creates a recipe book so you kids and families can make their favorite dishes at home.

·      Art & Design - In Art & Design, students work on several different projects throughout the year including: tape art, magazine silhouettes, dream houses, and snow globes.  This year, students also create a sketchbook full of art and work with guest artists. In addition to class projects, students take trips to art museums and exhibits and explore art through the streets of New York City.

·      Acting and Improv - This class explores many parts of the acting process, from how to create a character, to how to move your body on a stage. This class isn’t only for people who want to be actors – it’s also for people who are curious about theatre, for people who are a little shy and have trouble speaking in front of classes and large groups, and for people who have a hard time letting loose and being silly. All in an environment where students explore their imaginations, feel safe in a judgment-free zone, and try something they’ve never tried before. The class includes a trip to see a professional stage show in NYC, to observe some of the things learned about and tried in class.

·      Creative Mind Projects and Music - Students get the chance to design their own classic GOAL games and work together to make their very own GOAL music playlists to accompany them while creating and playing their own new and exciting games.  The class develops their own board games and make new friends as they team up and put their creativity into action.

·      GOAL Chorus  - GOAL Chorus is a chance for students across grade levels to sing with each other and develop their voices into strong ones. Students sing an ever-changing repertoire of different languages, pop music and classical pieces and perform at each concert and awards assembly with the processional and National Anthem.  This class includes students who love to sing or long to audition and attend a performing arts high school, continuing a tradition and legacy of our former students in some of Manhattan’s top performing arts high schools.

·      Youth Music and Junior GOAL Chorus – Younger students explore their voices through music, singing fun warm-ups and preparing for different solos and group numbers in front of the whole school. The class includes exposure to different kinds of music, and chances to create and participate in various artistic activities.

·      Art Biz Portfolio Class – Students work with with and learn from our returning art and design expert Ms. Nancy with a focus on art and design.  Class participants create portfolios and learn tips for thinking ahead to apply to a fine arts high school in their future.

·      Cooking Club - WaIn Cooking Club, students learn one basic cooking skill a week and a new recipe.  They sample from different cuisines and take field trips while learning new skills they will use for a lifetime.

·      Let’s Paint! – In this class, students learn how they can create a world of possibility with only three primary colors - yellow, red, and blue. The class participants listen to music and learn to express themselves through artistic techniques in painting including color, tone, texture usage, composition, brushwork, and more. Learning the basics of art help students become the architect, fashion designer, graphic designer, and artist they always wanted to be.

·      Fitness and Health – Students in this class to learn tons of ways to stay healthy and fit...and it doesn’t even feel like exercise.  Kids work with our resident phys ed expert Mr. Ruelius and enjoy time with their friends playing sports, trying yoga, and lots more. 

·      Travel and Scrapbooking - This class helps students get to know different neighborhoods in the city.  Together students create an itinerary for each day’s adventures, snap moments of their memories and create their own scrapbook of adventures around New York City.  Plus the class helps to plan GOAL Saturday trips around NYC and students create a scrapbook of adventures in a country they have always dreamed of visiting.

2016-2017 Classes at P.S./M.S. 108 include: 

·      Visual Arts - Visual Arts is a chance for students to explore different genres, styles, and periods of art. It is a place where they learn different techniques and use various mediums to create original works of art. Students are encouraged to express themselves and to be confident in their artistic abilities.

·      Cooking – This cooking class gives the students an opportunity to explore new foods, and places an emphasis on healthier food options. We incorporate mathematics when looking at proportions and measurements. Students also use science to better understand the art of cooking through solids, liquids, and gas.

·      Step, Skip, and Dance - Students learn different genres of dancing and musical steps in performing arts different movements while mastering double dutch and creating a unique skipping routine to perform. The group also engages in step aerobics and leads other GOAL participants in a workout.

·      Meditation - Students practice the art of meditation to reduce stress, increase calmness, and create clarity to promote happiness. Our hope is that meditation will create a calming mental state that children need to succeed.

·      Lego Architects - Our future architects create and build different items using Legos as a medium to get students to be create their own blue prints, and make their own masterpieces. Student will work together on different projects that infuse science and technology such as Stop Animation.

·      Technological Design - This class allows students to explore their creative side through videos and computers.  Students make videos, custom music videos, use green screens, interview different people, and film and edit projects on the computer to make their own presentations -  from Power Point to iMovie, and beyond. Class trips include visits to the Sony Wonder Lab Technology Museum, as well as Central Park for inspiration.

·      Fitness - The Fitness Crew focuses on health and well-being.  Students come up with goals and work to achieve them as the year goes on while they learn about and practice various sports, as well as complete a warm up run each week.  Activities include soccer, basketball, badminton, yoga, step class, and more.

·      Photography - The photography crew learns to operate a dSLR camera and practices framing and composition while also mastering preset functions.  The goal for students is to capture life’s moments and to tell a story through photography.