Giving Open Access to Learning, is a New York City based nonprofit program established in 2003 to provide structured educational and motivational programs that help children from underserved communities.



Our Mission

GOAL partners with New York City public schools in economically disadvantaged communities, targeting those students who are most at risk, by providing high quality after-school enrichment programming designed and taught by highly motivated teachers in their own schools, to foster academic success and emotional growth.


GOAL students

  • Have better attendance than their peers not involved with GOAL
  • Complete their homework more regularly
  • Are less likely to be suspended, held back a year, or required to take summer school
  • Are participating more in class
  • Are performing at a higher level than their peers not involved with GOAL

Our Vision

Every child regardless of socio-economic circumstances will have access to high quality public education that includes academic, social and emotional learning, and that fosters resourcefulness, self-confidence and a love of life-long learning.