It is our goal to develop well rounded students so that they may become strong contributors in the communities in which they live. Our classes are offered to students with hope that they will cultivate these 10 Developmental Assets:
Self Confidence-  Through engaging the students in new experiences and allowing them to take risks in a supportive environment, the students can develop a strong sense of self confidence and as a result they can begin to experience the learned behaviors that come with self-confidence.  

Resourcefulness-  Through promoting creativity and giving students an opportunity to explore new solutions to problems, the GOAL program can encourage the students to be resourceful problem solvers and assist them in developing skills to access knowledge and seek out opportunities in their lives.  

Cultural Competence-  Our students should have a knowledge of, and comfort with people of different cultural/racial/ethnic backgrounds.

Adult Role Models-The teachers and other adults in the GOAL program should model positive, responsible behavior.  As a result, our GOAL students can develop a sense of trust in our teachers and view them as allies who are interested in their success.

Equality and Social Justice-The GOAL program should seek to teach students the importance of helping other people, and as a result, the student should place high value on giving back to the community and promoting global equality. 

Interpersonal Competence and Peaceful Conflict Resolution- Our students should demonstrate empathy, sensitivity, and friendship skills, and should seek to resolve conflict nonviolently.

Positive View of Personal Future and Sense of Purpose- Students see that their life has a purpose and are optimistic about her or his personal future.  

An Appreciation for the Arts- The GOAL program should seek to help our students gain an appreciation for all different genres of art, and expose them to different types of artistic expression.

Breadth of Experience-  By broadening the scope of experiences that our students have, we are giving them a richer understanding of the world and a broader base with which to compare all future experiences.  These experiences should include access to technology, field trips outside of East Harlem, opportunities to participate in performance and visual arts, and those experiences that lead to an understanding of the skills and attributes that lead to securing and sustaining gainful employment.   

Healthy Lifestyles- Our students should have knowledge of the importance of exercise, healthy lifestyle choices and healthy food choices, as well as knowledge of the health risks associated with childhood obesity and poor nutrition.